16 Sep

Facebook and Google Offer Haven for Sale of Illegal Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs, Investigation Finds

WASHINGTON, September 16, 2019 -- Americans who rely on illegal and potentially dangerous appearance and performance enhancing drugs to improve their physical appearance or step up their athletic performance are aided by drug dealers, Facebook and Google, according to a Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) / Global Intellectual Property Enforcement Center

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09 Sep

Digital Citizens Alliance: “Google’s Actions Have Killed the Era of Internet Self-Regulation”

Washington, DC – States’ Attorneys General today announced an investigation into Google’s business practices. Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following remarks about the announcement: “Google makes tens of billions of dollars by harvesting personal information and tracking the online habits of

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11 Jun

Security Study: EV Drivers Likely to Become Targets for Cyber Criminals if Credit Card Reader Mandates are Approved

Security Experts Call Mandates at EV Charging Stations A Major Step Backward June 11, 2019 – Electric vehicle (EV) drivers are likely to become targets for cyber criminals if new proposals that mandate the installation of credit card readers at EV charging stations are approved, according to a new security study published today. The study

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05 Jun

YouTube Actions Show Internet Platforms Will Continue to Put People at Risk Until Consumers Fight Back

WASHINGTON, DC, June 5, 2019 – YouTube’s plans to take down videos promoting hate speech and extremism – by removing thousands of videos promoting neo-Nazism, white supremacy and bigotry – continues Google’s modus operandi of taking action only when public dissent builds to a boil. Below, please find a statement from Tom

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25 Apr

Boxed In: Hackers Targeting Piracy Devices and Apps to Infect Users with Malware, Report Finds_copy

Millions of Kodi Boxes and Jailbroken Fire TV Sticks Offer New Avenues for Hackers to Steal User Names and Passwords and Breach Networks Piracy and Malware Correlation? Users of Piracy Device and Apps are Six Times More Likely to Report Trouble with Malware, Research Finds Illegal Scheme Uncovered to Monetize Stolen Netflix Accounts Washington, DC,

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17 May

Jihad Forever?: Despite Promises to Clean Up Sites, Digital Platforms Continue to Enable Terrorists to Spread Hate and Recruit, Investigation Finds

Disturbing Videos, Images and Posts Proliferate on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Portraying Violence Violent Images Run Contrary to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Claim That Company Takes Down “99 Percent” of Terrorist Content Before Users Can See It May 17, Washington, DC – After months of promises that they would

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10 Apr

Profits Before Trust: “Digital Platforms in Crisis” Report Details How Facebook, Google and Twitter Put Business Growth Ahead of Consumers

Digital Citizens Alliance Calls on Companies to Accept Responsibility and Take New Steps to Clean Up Platforms and Restore Trust Study Released as Majority of Americans Say that Facebook, Google and Twitter Are Not Responsible Companies Because They Place Profits Ahead of Doing the Right Thing For First Time, Majority of Americans Say that Digital

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21 Mar

Facebook’s Trust Crisis: Americans Say It Has Harmed Democracy, Only 1 in 4 Believe Positive Development for Society, According to New Survey

Less than 1 in 3 Americans Call Facebook a Responsible Company 60 percent say That Facebook has Damaged American Politics 2 in 5 Americans Report that Facebook’s Minimum Age Should be Changed to 18+ Washington, DC, March 21, 2018 – Barraged by accusations of spreading divisive fake news and amid new allegations that it handed over personal

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14 Nov

Statement by Digital Citizens Alliance on New Security Flaw Threatening Millions of Streaming Device Users

Washington, DC - Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following comments after TVAddons reported there is a “’99.99%” chance” that the millions of consumers using jailbroken Apple TV 2 devices to stream content are, “at risk of having their Kodi box used to send spam, DDoS attacks, distribute malware

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26 Jul

State AGs Warn Consumers About Malware Risks from Pirate Websites in National Public Service Campaign

Fifteen State Attorneys General Warn Citizens About Risks Teens Targeted by Hackers to Take Over Computer Cameras to Film Them in Private Moments Cyber Research Finds That 1 in 3 Pirate Websites Expose Consumers to Malware That Can Lead to Loss of Privacy, Ransomware and Financial Loss Washington, DC, July 26, 2017 -- Fifteen state attorneys general

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06 Jun

Americans to Digital Platforms: Take a More Hands-On Approach to Stopping Bad Actors Who Are Undermining Consumer Trust

Contact: Adam Benson, 202.999.9104, [email protected] Digital Citizens Alliance Polling Shows Scams, Piracy, Sales of Stolen Goods Are Undermining Trust; Americans Want More Monitoring and Action to Stop Bad Actors and Criminals from Overrunning Popular Apps and Websites While Digital Leaders Such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Have Taken

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03 May

Digital Citizens Response to Facebook's Actions to Monitor Platform for Violent Videos

Contact: Adam Benson, 202.999.9104, [email protected] Washington, DC - Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following comments after learning that Facebook would hire 3,000 people to monitor videos posted on the social network for violent activities. “Over the last year, we have seen numerous examples of

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06 Apr

The Fake Epidemic: Digital Citizens Report Shows How Everything From Fake News to Fundraising Scams are Undermining Americans Trust in the Internet

Contact: Adam Benson, 202.999.9104, [email protected] Washington, DC, April 6, 2017 – The Internet is being overrun by an onslaught of fake information – from politically motivated fake news to fundraising scams to disturbing techniques to trick social media users to support causes – that is seriously undermining

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03 Apr

Statement by Digital Citizens Alliance on President Trump's Signing of Data Privacy Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 3, 2017 Contact: Adam Benson, 202.999.9104, [email protected] Attributed to Tom Galvin, Executive Director of DCA: “President Trump today effectively hit the reset button on the national debate about privacy over our digital and communication networks. First and foremost, we now must ensure that citizens actually

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29 Mar

Cyber Criminals Sharing Millions of Higher Education Institutions’ E-mails and Passwords on The Dark Web

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Contact: Adam Benson, 202.999.9104, [email protected] The Digital Citizens Alliance teams with cybersecurity researchers to find which schools’ account credentials are most commonly found on the Dark Web --------- Also, Fake “.edus” are common, popular, and used for

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04 Aug

Under Cyber Siege: Nearly Half of Americans Report Being Victim of Scam or Fraud; Majority Say Internet has Become Less Safe, New Digital Citizen Alliance Survey Finds

1 in 3 Americans Report Financial Losses Due to Being Tricked or Defrauded 52 Percent of Americans Report the Internet is Less Safe Than it was 5 Years Ago 71 Percent Support Tougher Federal and State Laws to Combat Online Criminals WASHINGTON, DC (August 4, 2016) – With nearly half of Americans reporting they have been tricked or defrauded,

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20 Jul

Dangerous Partners: Digital Citizens Investigation Finds That Malware Operators and Content Theft Websites – Assisted by U.S.based Tech Firms – are Targeting Millions of Consumers

Pirated Movies and TV Shows Used as Bait to Lure Consumers, Who are Then Infected with Malware That Leads to ID Theft, Financial Loss, Ransomware 1 in 3 Content Theft Websites Expose Consumers to Malware, According to Latest RiskIQ Research of Rogue Sites Washington, DC, July 20, 2016 – A Digital Citizens investigation has found that malware

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22 Apr

Digital Citizens Alliance To FCC: Set-Top Box Proposal Lacks Privacy And Cybersecurity Protections

FCC Proposal Fails to Protect Against Collecting Information on Children's Viewing Habits, Threats from Hackers and Malware Infections WASHINGTON, April 22, 2016 - Adopting the Federal Communications Commission's set-top box plan as proposed threatens consumers' privacy and data security, according to Digital Citizens Alliance, a leading voice for online

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20 Apr

Americans Fear Privacy Intrusion from FCC Set-Top Box Proposal, According to New Survey

Washington, DC– A controversial proposal by the Federal Communications Commission to open up the set-top box market to tech giants such as Google has Americans concerned about the potential intrusion on their privacy and whether companies will start collecting information on their children, according to a new survey commissioned by the Digital

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15 Apr

Digital Citizens Alliance: Obama’s Support for Proposed Change to Home Television Viewing is “Simply Bewildering”

Washington, DC - Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following statement after President Obama announced his support for the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) controversial set-top box proposal: “It is simply bewildering that President Obama would come out in support of the FCC’s controversial proposal

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31 Mar

Why Are My Presidential Candidate’s Ads Showing Up by Jihadist Videos on YouTube?

The Digital Citizens Alliance Finds YouTube Running Ads for White House Hopefuls from Both Parties Next to Videos for Stolen Credit Cards, Malware, and Terror Sympathizers Washington, DC – Ads for Presidential campaigns, as well as Super PACs supporting the candidates, are running next to videos for illegal and/or illicit products and services on

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16 Dec

Victims No More: Malware Risk Prompts Internet User to Steer Clear of Content Theft Sites, According to New Survey

1 in 5 Americans Acknowledge Visiting Content Theft Websites But 82 Percent Said That if They Knew That Content Theft Websites Could Expose Them to Computer Viruses They Would Steer Clear of These Websites Survey Comes on Heels of Recent Report That Revealed That 1 in 3 Content Theft Websites Expose Internet Users to Dangerous Malware WASHINGTON, DC

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10 Dec

Digital Bait: Internet Users At High Risk Of Malware From Content Theft; $70 Million Underground Market

Viewer Beware: Internet Users 28 Times More Likely to Get Malware From Content Theft Sites, RiskIQ Study Uncovers Drive-by Downloads: Nearly Half of Malware Is Delivered To Users’ Computers From Content Theft Sites Without Even Requiring Click on a Link WASHINGTON, DC (December 10, 2015) – Content theft sites pose a serious and growing threat

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30 Jul

Beware Your Webcam: Digital Citizens Investigation Finds Hackers Peeking Into Bedrooms – And Profiting From It

How the Hackers Known as “Ratters” Share Tactics and Sell Access to “Slaved” Devices in the Newest Digital Citizens Alliance Report Washington, DC – A subset of hackers, known as “ratters,” have come out of the Internet’s darkest corners and are increasingly open about how they take control of electronic

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29 May

Digital Citizens Alliance Statement on Ross Ulbricht Sentence

WASHINGTON, DC - Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following statement after learning that Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht had received the maximum sentence of life in prison: “The sentencing of Ross Ulbricht closes the chapter on a troubling case. Mr. Ulbricht's life sentence sends a message that when you commit a

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20 May

Digital Citizens Alliance Praises Google For Quick Action to Address Problems with Algorithm, Racial Slurs in Google Maps

Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance today praised Google for both its transparency and willingness to change an algorithm in order to to address racial slurs in Google Maps that were directing people to the White House. In making the changes, the company noted the unwanted slurs could be the result of spam attacks targeting Google Maps

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19 May

Big Business, Big Risks: New Study Finds Stolen Movie and Television Sites Pose Danger to Consumers and Their Computers

Digital Citizens: 1 out of every 3 Content Theft Sites found in “Good Money Still Gone Bad” Could Infect Devices Revenues for Illegal Streaming Video Sites Skyrocketing Washington, DC – Content thieves are making millions from malicious advertising on sites sharing stolen movies and television shows while placing Internet users at

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18 Mar

Illegal Drug Market Operators’ Scam Sends Shockwaves Across DarkNet

Evolution Marketplace – and as much as $15 million in bitcoin – disappears Washington, DC - Evolution Marketplace, reportedly shuttered by its operators in a multi-million dollar scam, had nearly 20,000 drug listings this past Monday. Researchers from the Digital Citizens Alliance visited the site at the beginning of the week and recorded a

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02 Mar

Judge Extends Arguments in Google’s Attempt to Stop MS Attorney General’s Fact-Finding Efforts

Washington, DC - Today in a Southern District of Mississippi courtroom, U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate granted a temporary injunction to Google, extending arguments in the company’s battle to block Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s fact-finding efforts for as much as four months. Hood wants answers to questions he’s posed to

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05 Feb

Victims, Consumer Groups Ask Judge to Allow Attorney General Jim Hood's Fact-Finding Inquiry of Google to Proceed

Washington, DC – Feb. 5, 2015 – In a case that will determine whether a large global corporation can shut down a state investigation before it even starts, a group of victims and consumer groups have filed an amicus brief in federal court urging the judge to allow Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s factfinding investigation of Google

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22 Dec

No Coal in Their Stocking This Year: Online Shoppers Report Their Orders are Timely, And Holiday Shopping is Safe This Year

Major Trouble Spot: Young Americans Aged 18-24 Much More Prone to Credit Card Fraud This Holiday Season Washington, DC -- Just days before Christmas, online shoppers are reporting a holiday miracle: Their presents are making it to their homes on time, and few report troubles with credit card fraud or not getting what their online retailer promised,

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18 Dec

Advocates, Parents, and Families Weigh In About Online Concerns

Digital Citizens Survey Shows Families Concerned About Malware and Identity Theft Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance has released the results of its Family Online Safety Survey. As part of the Digital Families Project, Digital Citizens Alliance asked advocates, parents and families to provide feedback on what concerned them about online

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18 Dec

Post Silk Road - Another Online Drug Den Now Dominates the DarkNet

New Digital Citizens Alliance Research Shows "A Darker DarkNet" Emerging Since FBI Takedowns Washington, DC - Since last month's FBI shutdown of online drug marketplace Silk Road, the site now known as the leading online black market for illegal drugs - Evolution Marketplace - has seen explosive growth in its offering of drugs and other illegal items. New

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10 Oct

New Poll: High Numbers of Americans Leave Themselves Vulnerable to Hackers

During Cyber Security Awareness Month, Digital Citizens Alliance and Blackfin Security Make "Personal Threat Assessment" Available to Help Americans Protect Themselves and Their Devices Washington, DC - A new survey of Americans’ online security habits shows large numbers of Americans are putting their devices and personal information at-risk. The

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02 Oct

Ad Industry Leaders Share Inaugural Digital Citizens of the Year Award

Bob Liodice, Randall Rothenberg Honored for Dedication to Fighting Digital Fraud New York – Consumer online watchdog Digital Citizens Alliance today honored two of advertising’s leading voices against online crime. Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the

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02 Oct

Digital Citizens Alliance Joins Sue Scheff to Combat Cyberbullying

#StopCybullying Twitter chat to focus on educating parents Washington DC – On October 8th, Digital Citizens Alliance and nationally recognized author, parent and family internet safety advocate Sue Scheff will host a Twitter chat on cyberbullying and what parents can do to protect their kids. The #StopCyberbullying Twitter chat will take place

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18 Sep

Taking Credit: How to Get Away With Stealing $96 Million Dollars Worth of Movies and TV Shows

New Report Shows Credit Cards Make It All Too Easy for Rogue Cyberlocker Operators To Make a Fortune on Other People’s Work Washington, DC – Stealing movies and television shows has become a multimillion-dollar industry with rogue cyberlocker operators generating considerable revenues and enormous profit, according to a new report today by

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18 Jul

FedEx Indictment is a Warning Shot to Corporations: Protect Your Brand Before Online Criminals Do Damage

Washington, DC - The Digital Citizens Alliance today released the following statement regarding reports that FedEx faces a federal indictment alleging it knowingly illegally trafficked prescription medication: "This is a moment where FedEx can step up and be a leader in the crackdown on criminal activity on the Internet," said Tom Galvin, Executive

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17 Jun

Your Credit Card Could Be For Sale on YouTube - Right Now

Digital Citizens Alliance Investigation Shows How Easy It is to Sell Stolen Credit Cards on the Internet Investigation Tapes Unscrupulous Dealer Willing to Sell Stolen Credit Cards Over the Phone Washington, DC - A new Digital Citizens Alliance investigation has found that rogue operators are selling credit cards, bank logins, and social security numbers

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24 May

Students in Finals Frenzy Finding Pharmaceuticals Online - and Getting Them Without a Prescription

The Digital Citizens Alliance's 2014 Survey of Young People Shows Rising Numbers of College Students Using the Internet to Get Around Doctors for their Drugs Washington, DC - The Internet is increasingly becoming the source for young people who want prescription medication without going to a doctor - according to a new poll from Zogby Analytics

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30 Apr

More Illegal Drugs Now Available on the “Silk Road” than Before Arrests

Six Months after the FBI captured the alleged “Dread Pirate Roberts”, the Digital Citizens Alliance Report Investigates the State of the “Silk Road” and Other Darknet Markets Washington, DC – There are more drugs for sale on Silk Road now than there were before the arrest of the site’s alleged creator Ross Ulbricht (aka,

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10 Mar

Digital Citizens Alliance Calls On Google to Stop Profiting from Illegal Activities; Investigation Finds Bad Actors are Back In Business With Youtube

Popular Teen and Pre-Teen Site YouTube Still Infested With Videos for Illegal Prescription Drugs and Steroids, Stolen Credit Card Numbers, Fake Passports and Content Theft New Poll: Nearly Nine out of 10 Americans Agree – Google has “responsibility to help make the Internet safe” Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance today

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19 Feb

There Is a Way to Stop Content Theft, And Experts Agree New Figures Change the Discussion

After Digital Citizens Alliance Report Shows Many Large Theft Sites Make More Than $4 Million a Year, Premium Brands Might Look Again at Actions to Stop Ads from Appearing on Sites Stealing Movies and Television Shows Washington, DC – Content theft can be stopped, and advertisers have a new reason to take new measures to keep premium brands off sites

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18 Feb

New Study Shows Content Theft Sites Hijacking Online Ad Business to Make Hundreds of Millions in Profits

Large Content Theft Sites That Rely Exclusively on Ad Revenue Each Making More than $4 Million a Year Non-Profit Calls on Online Advertising Community to Strengthen Best Practices Standards Washington, DC - Content theft sites made nearly a quarter of a billion dollars last year from advertising on rip-off sites, according to a new report from the Digital

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11 Feb

DOJ Does the Right Thing Protecting the Creations of Apps Developers

Washington, DC - The Digital Citizens Alliance, a consumer-oriented coalition focused on educating the public and policy makers on the threats that consumers face on the Internet, put out the following statement on reports that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is building criminal cases against those who engage in content theft of versions of thousands of

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01 Feb

Time to Shift Gears – When Car Shopping, Consider Protection from Hackers

The Time for the Fact v. Fiction Argument is Over, Digital Citizens Alliance Says it is Important to Consider the Possibilities Washington, DC – It has been debated for years – can hackers get control of a car from a remote location? Digital Citizens Alliance Fellow Garth Bruen has examined some of the most recent research in his report

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27 Nov

The Young and the Giftless: Young Adults Most Vulnerable to Online Holiday Failures

New Poll Shows 18-24 Year Olds More Likely Not to Receive Orders and Less Likely to Use Secure Websites Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance is warning young adults to be extra careful when shopping online this Cyber Monday. A new poll commissioned by the consumer watchdog group shows that of all age groups 18 and older, it is young adults

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31 Oct

Be Afraid! The Scariest Creatures Want More Than Your Candy; They've Gone Online to Steal Your Data!

Washington, DC - Tonight, ghouls and goblins will knock on your door looking for candy. However, millions of people are allowing far more insidious creatures inside their homes - and the goodies these monsters want include personal and financial information, as well as your hard-earned cash. Halloween is the perfect time to remind consumers of "The

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08 Oct

New Poll: Young People Using Steroids and HGH Reaching Epidemic Status

In Digital Citizens Alliance / Taylor Hooton Foundation Investigation, Researchers Find Dangerous Drugs on YouTube, But Also Get Fakes and Even No Shipment At All Washington, DC – Large numbers of young people are succumbing to the pressure to win, using anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone to keep up athletically and socially with their peers.

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14 Aug

Counterfeits from China: A Digital Citizens' Camera Goes Into a Beijing Store, Finding Name Brands Stamped on Substandard Goods

Go Behind The Great Wall, See a Store Filled With Fakes Washington, DC – It is hard to comprehend just how many counterfeit items are coming from China. There are plenty of numbers from studies, but it is still something you have to see to believe. That's why the Digital Citizens Alliance, an Internet watchdog organization working to educate

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05 Aug

Alex Rodriguez Should Spend the Next Two Years Talking to Our Youngest Steroids Users

Alex Rodriguez Should Spend the Next Two Years Talking to Our Youngest Steroids Users Washington, DC – The Internet consumer watchdog organization, the Digital Citizens Alliance, is researching the availability of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) online. Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin shared some of the organization's

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24 Jul

Before You Invest, Understand How the Rise of Bitcoin Effects Internet Safety

The Digital Citizens Alliance Shares Some of the Latest Research on Bitcoin - and Wants to Hear More from You Washington, DC - Imagine $1.1 billion floating through cyberspace allowing for almost anonymous transactions that is completely unregulated. It is not science fiction; it is Bitcoin – an online currency. Since the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed

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23 Jul

Too Much Braun, Not Enough Brains: MLB Steroid Users Put Pressure on Young Athletes to Keep Up, According to Digital Citizens Survey

Washington, DC -In an era where illegal steroid use generates public shame but also rewards with six-figure sports contracts, a new survey found that pro athletes use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) is putting pressure on some young athletes to resort to using the illegal or dangerous drugs as well. As Major League Baseball announces the suspension

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02 Jul

State Attorneys General Demand Answers From Google on Why It Profits From Videos Promoting Illegal and Dangerous Acts

Washington, DC– After viewing a series of videos promoting dangerous activities such as the sale of illegal drugs, fraudulent passports and sex trafficking on YouTube, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt asked YouTube’s parent company, Google, to provide more information on how much the company has

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11 Jun

Digital Citizens Alliance: It Is Too Easy for Teens to Order Prescription Drugs

Online Internet Safety Group Finds Operators Take Teen's Orders, While Pharmacies Use YouTube to Market Their Drugs Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance today released its latest investigation of rogue online pharmacies with video footage of a 15-year-old teen presented with the opportunity to order dangerous prescription drugs from

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10 Jun

Digital Citizens Calls On Google to Better Police Youtube from Being Exploited, Stop Running Ads with Videos That Promote Unsafe Actions

Digital Citizens Investigation Finds That Popular Teen and Pre-Teen Site YouTube is Increasingly Used by Evil Doers for Drugs and Counterfeits Washington, DC – The Digital Citizens Alliance today called on Google to crack down on bad actors that increasingly exploit YouTube to promote dangerous and unsafe activities such as illegal prescription drug

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13 May

Millions of College Students Rely on Prescription Drugs to Get Through Finals

And Large Numbers Get Those Drugs over the Internet Without a Prescription - According to New Polls from the Digital Citizens Alliance Washington, DC – College students trying to get through final exams are increasingly relying on prescription drugs to help them study – and all too often they get them from someone else or overthe Internet

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30 Apr

Who is Watching You? The Digital Citizens Alliance says: This is the Time to Protect Yourself During "Choose Privacy Week"

Washington, DC – Are you being watched? Now is the time to take action and protect your online identity. Wednesday, May 1 marks the beginning of the fourth annual "Choose Privacy Week." The Digital Citizens Alliance has compiled a new report on the current threats to citizens' privacy, as well as 10 steps average people can take to protect their

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10 Apr

Preparing Last Minute Tax Returns? It is Important to be Quick and Careful!

The Digital Citizens Alliance’s Newest Report Looks at How Hackers Strike Taxpayers Washington, DC - Millions of Americans rushing to complete their tax returns are vulnerable to hackers. The Digital Citizens Alliance has compiled a new list of tips for those who are still putting the finishing touches on their 2012 returns. The deadline for

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19 Mar

Even As Your Team Wins, You Can Still Lose

Before the First Jump Ball, The Digital Citizens Alliance Provides Tips on How Consumers Can Protect Themselves From NCAA Scam Artists Washington, DC - NCAA basketball fans will certainly move fast to get tickets for this year¹s tournament, but it is just as important to be careful. Because of the tightly packed schedule and the number of sites there

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14 Feb

Cybercrimes Often Carried Out by Disorganized, Loose, Confederation of Contractors

New Report Highlights Successful Ways of Undermining Cybercrime Ecosystems Washington, DC- Most cybercrime is carried out by a loose confederation of independent contractors who work together when necessary through online forums and "partnerkas" that allow them to pool their resources, but these online criminal networks can be foiled, according to a new

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19 Dec

Internet Getting More Dangerous for Children and Seniors, Americans Fear; 1 in 3 Feel the Sting of an Online Scam, New Survey Finds

Vast Majority Want Top Internet Companies to Do More to Combat Illegal Activities on the Web Washington, DC – The Internet is becoming more important to our daily lives, but many Americans believe it’s also become more dangerous over the last five years, especially for children and seniors. And having felt the pain of an online scam, they want

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