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2020 Press Releases

Pirate Subscription Services Now a Billion-Dollar U.S. Industry, Joint Digital Citizens Alliance-NAGRA Report Finds

As More Americans Turned to Streaming Entertainment During Coronavirus, Cyber Attacks from Use of Piracy Devices Increases, New Survey Finds

Unable or Unwilling? YouTube Fails to Stop Shady Operators Capitalizing on Coronavirus Fears, New Research Finds

Digital Citizens Alliance Calls on U.S. Department of Justice to Halt Advertising of Medical Masks, Coronavirus Test Kits and “Vaccines” on Facebook and Instagram

CBD Levels in Products May Not be What They Say, New Digital Citizens Alliance Research Finds

2019 Press Releases

Facebook and Google Offer Haven for Sale of Illegal Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs, Investigation Finds

Digital Citizens Alliance: “Google’s Actions Have Killed the Era of Internet Self-Regulation”

Security Study: EV Drivers Likely to Become Targets for Cyber Criminals if Credit Card Reader Mandates are Approved

YouTube Actions Show Internet Platforms Will Continue to Put People at Risk Until Consumers Fight Back

Boxed In: Hackers Targeting Piracy Devices and Apps to Infect Users with Malware, Report Finds_copy

2018 Press Releases

Jihad Forever?: Despite Promises to Clean Up Sites, Digital Platforms Continue to Enable Terrorists to Spread Hate and Recruit, Investigation Finds

Profits Before Trust: “Digital Platforms in Crisis” Report Details How Facebook, Google and Twitter Put Business Growth Ahead of Consumers

Facebook’s Trust Crisis: Americans Say It Has Harmed Democracy, Only 1 in 4 Believe Positive Development for Society, According to New Survey

2017 Press Releases

Statement by Digital Citizens Alliance on New Security Flaw Threatening Millions of Streaming Device Users

State AGs Warn Consumers About Malware Risks from Pirate Websites in National Public Service Campaign

Americans to Digital Platforms: Take a More Hands-On Approach to Stopping Bad Actors Who Are Undermining Consumer Trust

Digital Citizens Response to Facebook's Actions to Monitor Platform for Violent Videos

The Fake Epidemic: Digital Citizens Report Shows How Everything From Fake News to Fundraising Scams are Undermining Americans Trust in the Internet

Statement by Digital Citizens Alliance on President Trump's Signing of Data Privacy Legislation

Cyber Criminals Sharing Millions of Higher Education Institutions’ E-mails and Passwords on The Dark Web

2016 Press Releases

Under Cyber Siege: Nearly Half of Americans Report Being Victim of Scam or Fraud; Majority Say Internet has Become Less Safe, New Digital Citizen Alliance Survey Finds

Dangerous Partners: Digital Citizens Investigation Finds That Malware Operators and Content Theft Websites – Assisted by U.S.based Tech Firms – are Targeting Millions of Consumers

Digital Citizens Alliance To FCC: Set-Top Box Proposal Lacks Privacy And Cybersecurity Protections

Americans Fear Privacy Intrusion from FCC Set-Top Box Proposal, According to New Survey

Digital Citizens Alliance: Obama’s Support for Proposed Change to Home Television Viewing is “Simply Bewildering”

Why Are My Presidential Candidate’s Ads Showing Up by Jihadist Videos on YouTube?

2015 Press Releases

Victims No More: Malware Risk Prompts Internet User to Steer Clear of Content Theft Sites, According to New Survey

Digital Bait: Internet Users At High Risk Of Malware From Content Theft; $70 Million Underground Market

Beware Your Webcam: Digital Citizens Investigation Finds Hackers Peeking Into Bedrooms – And Profiting From It

Digital Citizens Alliance Statement on Ross Ulbricht Sentence

Digital Citizens Alliance Praises Google For Quick Action to Address Problems with Algorithm, Racial Slurs in Google Maps

Big Business, Big Risks: New Study Finds Stolen Movie and Television Sites Pose Danger to Consumers and Their Computers

Illegal Drug Market Operators’ Scam Sends Shockwaves Across DarkNet

Judge Extends Arguments in Google’s Attempt to Stop MS Attorney General’s Fact-Finding Efforts

Victims, Consumer Groups Ask Judge to Allow Attorney General Jim Hood's Fact-Finding Inquiry of Google to Proceed

2014 Press Releases

No Coal in Their Stocking This Year: Online Shoppers Report Their Orders are Timely, And Holiday Shopping is Safe This Year

Advocates, Parents, and Families Weigh In About Online Concerns

Post Silk Road - Another Online Drug Den Now Dominates the DarkNet

New Poll: High Numbers of Americans Leave Themselves Vulnerable to Hackers

Ad Industry Leaders Share Inaugural Digital Citizens of the Year Award

Digital Citizens Alliance Joins Sue Scheff to Combat Cyberbullying

Taking Credit: How to Get Away With Stealing $96 Million Dollars Worth of Movies and TV Shows

FedEx Indictment is a Warning Shot to Corporations: Protect Your Brand Before Online Criminals Do Damage

Your Credit Card Could Be For Sale on YouTube - Right Now

Students in Finals Frenzy Finding Pharmaceuticals Online - and Getting Them Without a Prescription

More Illegal Drugs Now Available on the “Silk Road” than Before Arrests

Digital Citizens Alliance Calls On Google to Stop Profiting from Illegal Activities; Investigation Finds Bad Actors are Back In Business With Youtube

There Is a Way to Stop Content Theft, And Experts Agree New Figures Change the Discussion

New Study Shows Content Theft Sites Hijacking Online Ad Business to Make Hundreds of Millions in Profits

DOJ Does the Right Thing Protecting the Creations of Apps Developers

Time to Shift Gears – When Car Shopping, Consider Protection from Hackers

2013 Press Releases

The Young and the Giftless: Young Adults Most Vulnerable to Online Holiday Failures

Be Afraid! The Scariest Creatures Want More Than Your Candy; They've Gone Online to Steal Your Data!

New Poll: Young People Using Steroids and HGH Reaching Epidemic Status

Counterfeits from China: A Digital Citizens' Camera Goes Into a Beijing Store, Finding Name Brands Stamped on Substandard Goods

Alex Rodriguez Should Spend the Next Two Years Talking to Our Youngest Steroids Users

Before You Invest, Understand How the Rise of Bitcoin Effects Internet Safety

Too Much Braun, Not Enough Brains: MLB Steroid Users Put Pressure on Young Athletes to Keep Up, According to Digital Citizens Survey

State Attorneys General Demand Answers From Google on Why It Profits From Videos Promoting Illegal and Dangerous Acts

Digital Citizens Alliance: It Is Too Easy for Teens to Order Prescription Drugs

Digital Citizens Calls On Google to Better Police Youtube from Being Exploited, Stop Running Ads with Videos That Promote Unsafe Actions

Millions of College Students Rely on Prescription Drugs to Get Through Finals

Who is Watching You? The Digital Citizens Alliance says: This is the Time to Protect Yourself During "Choose Privacy Week"

Preparing Last Minute Tax Returns? It is Important to be Quick and Careful!

Even As Your Team Wins, You Can Still Lose

Cybercrimes Often Carried Out by Disorganized, Loose, Confederation of Contractors

2012 Press Releases

Internet Getting More Dangerous for Children and Seniors, Americans Fear; 1 in 3 Feel the Sting of an Online Scam, New Survey Finds

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