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Time to Shift Gears – When Car Shopping, Consider Protection from Hackers

Published Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Time for the Fact v. Fiction Argument is Over, Digital Citizens Alliance Says it is Important to Consider the Possibilities

Washington, DC – It has been debated for years – can hackers get control of a car from a remote location? Digital Citizens Alliance Fellow Garth Bruen has examined some of the most recent research in his report released today, “Out of Control: The Threat of Car Hacking.” Bruen says that some of the inventive minds showcasing new ideas at this week’s 2014 International CES tradeshow should take action, before car hacking becomes a regularly utilized weapon.

“Intelligent minds differ on this threat and conspiracy theories run amok, but we know that some people have figured out how to get inside a car’s mind from inside the vehicle,” Bruen said. “It scares me to consider what would happen if we wait until we know for sure that car hackers can access any car, anywhere.”

Bruen goes under the hood – looking at the vulnerabilities in cars as well as how hackers could exploit to access a car.

“There’s a lot of good research going on right now, but ultimately it is up to consumers to make sure their cars are safe,” Bruen said. “If this report convinces one person to take the precautions needed to protect themselves and their family, then we’ve done a very good thing. If we can spur an inventor or investor to make this a cause to pursue, we could stop a problem from becoming a crisis.”


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