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Counterfeits from China: A Digital Citizens' Camera Goes Into a Beijing Store, Finding Name Brands Stamped on Substandard Goods

Published Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go Behind The Great Wall, See a Store Filled With Fakes

Washington, DC – It is hard to comprehend just how many counterfeit items are coming from China. There are plenty of numbers from studies, but it is still something you have to see to believe.

That's why the Digital Citizens Alliance, an Internet watchdog organization working to educate consumers on the dangers of content theft, sent a camera into a Beijing store the size of a large U.S. Department store, selling nothing but counterfeit items.

"Until you walk the streets of Beijing, you can't understand just what is being produced in China and sold both there and here in the United States," said Tom Galvin, Executive Director of the Digital Citizens Alliance. "We bought items with names like Nike, North Face, Beats by Dr. Dre on them, but what we found clearly wasn't made up to the standards of those companies.

"Counterfeits you can find range from household items to the fake Disneyland that Digital Citizens' Fellow Garth Bruen visited. This is a tidal wave hitting our shores and it is costing us jobs and opportunity here in the U.S. The numbers certainly tell part of the story, but the pictures show so much more."

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