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Personal Responsibility

 In our homes and neighborhoods, we are all responsible for some level of personal security, as well as for our own actions. We lock our doors, make sure we know where our kids are, and prepare for emergencies. And, when we break a rule or make a mistake, we apologize and do our best to make things right. 

As Digital Citizens, we believe that this kind of personal responsibility needs to translate to the online world. We all need to take the commonsense steps to stay safe online—be circumspect in clicking links, install strong anti-virus software, know how to recognize scams, and make sure we know where and with whom our children are spending their time online. We also need to hold ourselves to high standards of conduct online: no trolling, no illegal downloads, no “bargain” shopping for counterfeit goods that support criminal enterprises.

If the Internet is to be the safe and free virtual neighborhood that we all want it to be, we’ll have to work together. If we treat the Internet like a real community—which it is—it will be a much better and safer place to interact, engage, learn, play, and do business.

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