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We all want to feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods.  Living together peacefully involves three levels of protections that help us maintain our personal safety and create a productive community.  The Internet is a different kind of neighborhood, but it requires the same kinds of safeguards to help make it safer and better for everyone.

Investigative Reports

Online crime comes in many guises: scams, identity theft, counterfeiting, hacking, predators. The Digital Citizens Alliance offers a variety of resources to help you learn more, stay safe, and take action.


Our impactful infographics show the guises of online crime and have helpful tips.

Personal Responsibility

Community freedom and safety begins with each one of us. If we want the Internet to be safe and free for good citizens, we each need to take responsibility for doing everything we can to promote our own security. A key focus of Digital Citizens’ mission is empowering individuals to navigate the Internet safely, able to recognize and deal with potential dangers we all encounter online.

Civic Responsibility

Just like in the “real” world, civic leaders have a key role to play in ensuring public safety in our online communities. Civic leaders need to not only develop commonsense laws to protect Internet users, but they also need to enforce these laws with the same commitment as they do offline crime.

Corporate Internet Citizens

Those profiting from illegal activities offline are held accountable. We need the same accountability online. Internet companies like Google are uniquely capable of battling online crime at its root—the technological vulnerabilities that make it easy for criminals to exploit the Internet. These corporate citizens who make money from consumer activities online also need to do their part to protect the public and safeguard intellectual property.

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