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Fake Twitter Site:

Garth Bruen , Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is a good one. Compromised Twitter accounts are sending out links to a fake Twitter site which simply displays the Twitter log-in screen. Victims will unknowingly enter their Twitter ID and password as they have a thousand times before and then their account will begin sending messages to a site called “” This scheme will bypass most email filters.

If your vision is poor or you are just not paying attention, will look just like However, if you are using the Firefox browser you can install a free extension called WorldIP which will display a national flag in the address bar indicating where the website is hosted. This is not a fix all since websites are hosted in many places, but it may clue you into something not being right. If you are used to seeing one flag associated with a website you use regularly, but then a different flag appears after you click a link your brain should tell you something is wrong.

In this case the real Twitter is hosted in the United States, but is in China. The domain is sponsored by BEIJING INNOVATIVE LINKAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD which has a long history of problems in the Domain Name System, see: The owner of the site has nearly 2000 others currently being researched by us.

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