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18 Apr

Handling Heartbleed: Getting Informed

Consumers are now bombarded daily with warnings about Internet threats. It becomes difficult to know what to listen to especially when many are fraud attempts themselves and others are overblown ...

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01 Feb

Selling Sex (with Ads) for the Super Bowl – It’s All Too Easy

Super Bowl Sunday is definitely a focal point of attention for many reasons, with the actual football game often coming in last. A cultural phenomenon and national spectacle which draws in millions ...

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20 Dec

Digital Medical Privacy – Beyond the Obamacare Circus

The two biggest stories continuously occupying the news and our minds are allegations of mass surveillance and the problematic implementation of Obamacare. These two concerns are actually speeding ...

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05 Dec

Shop Smart Online this Holiday Season

Who wants to brave the insanity of holiday shopping at four in the morning when you can shop from the safety of your own home? But we all know it is not truly safe. Sure, you will not be run over by ...

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05 Nov

Silk Road is Making a Comeback

Following the arrest of the Dread Pirate Reports, ABC's George Stephanopoulos quoted Digital Citizens Alliance fellow Garth Bruen, "This is not going away" just because of the arrest. Now, barely a ...

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17 Sep

Sizing the Piracy Universe

During medieval times it took a monk up to twenty years to copy the Bible. This method was the pinnacle of file transfer until the invention of the printing press. We now live in an age when all ...

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13 Sep


Follow a Digital Citizens' camera into a Beijing store – the size of a large U.S. Department store – selling nothing but counterfeit items. In a recent visit to Beijing, Digital ...

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24 Jul


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be traded online for certain goods or services, making it a very important concern for all consumers. Understanding what it is and why it ...

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17 Apr

Charity Scam Update: Boston Marathon Attack

It was only a few weeks ago I wrote in detail about scammers taking advantage of grief over the Newtown shootings. Fake charities appear online immediately after tragedies so I cautioned readers to ...

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15 Mar

Don’t Get Too Crazy During March Madness

Between the buzzer-beating shots and bracket-busting upsets, it is easy to get caught up in NCAA men’s basketball tournament action and dismiss our better judgment. However, I’d suggest ...

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19 Feb

Fake Twitter Site:

This is a good one. Compromised Twitter accounts are sending out links to a fake Twitter site which simply displays the Twitter log-in screen. Victims will unknowingly enter their Twitter ID and ...

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30 Jan

Are You Ready for Fake Bowl 47?

On Sunday February 3rd millions of Americans will be fixated on their televisions watching the explosive end of another football season. Some lucky fans will be heading to Louisiana to see the ...

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