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Online Attack Is A Critical Moment for Internet Safety

Digital Citizens, Saturday, March 23, 2013

Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following remarks today about the ongoing attack by Cyberbunker, an hosting firm in the Netherlands that allows any material except for child pornography and terrorist-related materials, targeting Spamhaus.  A non-profit organization, Spamhaus provides blacklists on the world's leading spammers and spam services.  The attack is causing a worldwide slowdown on some of the most trafficked websites. 

"Make no mistake – this is more than just an inconvenience slowing down your computer. Cyberbunker is showing just how much damage they can do to the Internet economy by slowing and in some cases disabling businesses with these attacks on the web.  This is an effort to threaten and intimidate creators and online businesses like we saw from the Mafia when they took control of neighborhoods in American cities. It's deplorable and as citizens we can't let them get away with it."

Adam Benson
Communications Director
Digital Citizens Alliance

on Internet Safety
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