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Now That's Leadership: Cyber Crime Ring Shut Down

Digital Citizens, Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cyber crime presents an array of new challenges for every digital citizen. Digital Citizens believes that our great Internet companies – the ones that have delivered amazing innovations – can use their brilliant minds to find solutions. Well, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Two of those great companies, Microsoft and Symantec, disrupted a cyber crime ring that was controlling the computers of hundreds of thousands of people without their knowledge.

These criminals had gained access to the machines by sending people offers for online tools to clean their computers. These types of cyber scams are common, and unwitting Internet users can easily find themselves with an infected computer without their knowledge. Internet users whose machines were infected by this crime ring are being offered free tools to fix their computers by Microsoft and Symantec.

While this criminal ring has been disrupted, there are many more out there pulling the same scams. It’s up to Digital Citizens to be vigilant about what links they click on and what they download.  Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date about what you can do to protect yourself online.

With great power comes great responsibility. With this effort, Microsoft and Symantec have demonstrated how they can use their power to protect us. To read more about the Microsoft and Symantec operation, click here.

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