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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Digital Citizens, Thursday, October 24, 2013

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and the Digital Citizens Alliance is continuing its work to help inform and engage people about the issues that can affect your security and future. Cyber Security Awareness month gives us the opportunity to highlight some of the best advice and practices that you can use to ensure your family is as safe as possible. For helpful tips be sure to check out the Department of Homeland Security’s “Stop.Think.Connect.” Toolkit.

As a nation, we encounter cyber security threats daily.  They have increasingly become some of the most challenging threats that our national security teams face, not just from other countries but also rogue hackers and hacking groups. As other nations and our technologies continue to develop, new threats arise and old prevention measures become antiquated.

Cyber security, however, is not just an issue that the CIA or other intelligence agencies face. It hits home for millions of us personally every year. Millions of viruses are detected each day, ID theft is prevalent, and businesses and households alike are victims of theft, either of content or personal or proprietary information.

The Internet is an integral part of life across the world. Don’t run from it. Embrace security for your family and your business.

For more about Cyber Security Awareness Month you can check out the Department of Homeland Securities website, as well as continuing to follow the Digital Citizens Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.

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