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Google Needs to be a Better Digital Citizen

Digital Citizens, Friday, August 16, 2013

Once again, Google is caught up in a firestorm about its effects on our online neighborhood. Its recent statement that e-mail users don’t have a “legitimate expectation of privacy” has caused many to slam the company for its disregard for Internet users. Coming on the heels of the recent DCA report showing how Google profits off drug ads placed on YouTube, it’s clear this company needs to make some improvements.
As with the drug ads situation, in this instance Google protested that its policies did protect Internet users. We’re glad to see Google taking steps to address problems once they are brought into the light, but the fact that it takes a public outcry for the company to do this shows that the company has a long way to go to meet the high standards digital citizens have for their safety and privacy.
Companies like Google have an important role to play in making our online neighborhood a place where we feel safe and secure. We hope Google can live up to the standards of being a good online neighbor.

This should be a reminder to Internet users to be careful before trusting companies to guard their privacy and look out for their safety. The ultimate responsibility for taking care of ourselves online rests with each one of us. So make sure to take precaution when you go online.

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