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Digital Citizens, Monday, December 29, 2014

On December 17, Digital Citizens co-hosted a Twitter chat with 5 Minutes for Mom.  During the chat, we revealed the results of our Digital Families survey and discussed a number of online safety issues

The survey results and the spirited discussion that ensued during our Twitter chat revealed a lot about what we—and others—can do to better protect our families online.

We heard from people who had first-hand experience with content and identity theft, like Laila:


And when we talked about what parents, educators, and other responsible adults can do to address problems our children face online, we got a lot of great feedback—like this response from Janice:


tweet 2

A lot of the discussion focused on the role parents play in monitoring and supervising their children’s online activities.  We especially liked what Timm had to say about this:


The thoughtful participation we saw during our Twitter chat was highly encouraging.  People’s feedback highlighted a lot of the same themes that emerged in the results of our family online safety survey—and it raised a lot of great points we didn’t get to cover in the survey, including:

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our Twitter chat.  If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign our petition to call on Internet companies to step up their game when it comes to keeping all Digital Citizens safe online.

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