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Digital Citizens Issues Statement On Mob-Connected Internet Scam

Digital Citizens, Friday, January 21, 2011

Digital Citizens issued the following statement on a mob-connected con artist pleading guilty to Internet investment scams:

"Anthony Boscarino guilty plea is just the latest indication of how organized crime views Internet scams as a growth industry. Fortunately, he was caught, but the millions of dollars he lost by defrauding investors is likely gone forever," said Garth Bruen, Security Fellow with Digital Citizens. "In coming weeks, Digital Citizens will issue a report that sheds light on how organized crime – both in the United States and in Europe and Asia – leverages the Internet for scams and other schemes that hurt consumers. The report will show how crime syndicates work together to share best practices on how to secure the money stolen from citizens. In the meantime, Mr. Boscarino's guilty plea removes one criminal element, but sadly there are many more happy to take his place."

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