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Digital Citizens Comments On Government Effort To Seize $2.1 Million In Illegal Drug Sales

Digital Citizens, Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the news of a federal judge granting a prosecutors motion to seize $2.1 million that a Thai woman earned from selling unapproved medicines. In response, Digital Citizens Alliance issued the following statement:

"When Americans purchase medicine, whether it's at their neighborhood pharmacy or online, they want to know that it's real, and that it's safe. The collective effort by the FDA, FBI, IRS and DHS to uncover and seize $2.1 million in counterfeit drugs demonstrates that we have a long way to go to address this important safety issue," said Tom Galvin, executive director of Digital Citizens. "The counterfeit drug industry is a $75 billion business in the U.S. and poses a threat to all Americans. It's vital that we focus on this. Until we fully understand the problem, we cannot find the effective solution."

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