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07 Feb

Protect Your Child from Identity Theft

Do you know how easy it is for criminals to steal your child’s identity? A full name and birth date is all they need to use your child’s identity to commit a variety of financial crimes ...

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06 Feb

Digital Citizens Comments on Scammer Posing As DEA Agent

"Getting a phone call from someone posing to be a DEA agent threatening you with arrest for illegally buying prescription drugs online is the most cruel sort of scam. In one recent case it led to a ...

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05 Feb

Safer Internet Day Celebrates 10 Years

It’s been 10 years since the EU’s Insafe Network first organized Safer Internet Day, and today it is celebrated in more than 90 countries across six continents. There is more awareness ...

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05 Feb

Digital Citizens Statement on Scammers Hacking By Phone

“The recent wave of computer hackings carried out by phone callers posing as IT support proves that hackers leave no stone unturned in targeting digital citizens,” said Tom Galvin, ...

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05 Feb

Digital Citizens Statement on Safer Internet Day

Today’s Safer Internet Day celebration is a reminder that all digital citizens should take measures to protect the privacy of their information online,” said Tom Galvin, Executive ...

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04 Feb

Digital Citizens Comments On Estonian Man Pleading Guilty To Internet Advertising Scam

Digital Citizens released the following statement regarding an Estonian man who pleaded guilty to an Internet advertising scam in federal court last week: “Valeri Aleksejev’s massive ...

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01 Feb

Scammers Out in Force for Super Bowl

This time of year scammers know just who to target to make a quick buck – football fans. From fake tickets to counterfeit goods, it’s the Super Bowl of Scams for football fans. The NFL ...

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31 Jan

Super Bowl Scam Shows Dangers Lurking on the Internet

Just in time for the Super Bowl – a Super Scam. Tickets to the big game are in high demand, but one San Francisco 49ers fan thought it was her lucky day when she found Super Bowl tickets on ...

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29 Jan

Digital Citizens Comments On Government Effort To Seize $2.1 Million In Illegal Drug Sales

Today, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the news of a federal judge granting a prosecutors motion to seize $2.1 million that a Thai woman earned from selling unapproved medicines. In response, ...

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25 Jan

Digital Citizens Launches Its Mission to Make the Internet Safer

Anyone who uses the Internet knows that, as much as it is essential to our lives, it is becoming an increasingly risky place, for all of us, but especially for seniors and children. According to ...

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25 Jan

Meet Today's Criminals

New threats emerge on the Internet every day. The Digital Citizens Alliance wants to introduce you to some of the online criminals you or someone you know may encounter. Counterfeiters If you buy ...

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21 Jan

Digital Citizens Issues Statement On Mob-Connected Internet Scam

Digital Citizens issued the following statement on a mob-connected con artist pleading guilty to Internet investment scams: "Anthony Boscarino guilty plea is just the latest indication of how ...

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