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About the Digital Citizens Alliance

 Digital Citizens is a consumer-focused group whose mission is to raise awareness among the public and policymakers about how to make the Internet safer.

Digital Citizens engages with key Internet stakeholders - individuals, Internet companies, and civic leaders - to search for solutions to Internet safety issues. 

Based in Washington, DC, the Digital Citizens Alliance counts among its supporters the health, pharmaceutical, creative and security industries; online safety experts; and other communities such consumer advocates focused on Internet safety. 

Over the past five years, Digital Citizens has:

  • Worked with creative and security industries to raise consumer awareness on the alarming interconnection between hackers and online pirate websites trying to infect computers and other devices.
  • Worked with anti-steroids advocates to raise awareness about the ease these drugs are available online, especially among our nation’s youth.
  • Collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry to encourage citizens to properly dispose of opioids and other prescription drugs.
  • Conducted investigations of online pharmacies’ willingness to sell prescription painkillers and other drugs to underage teens that don’t have a prescription.
  • Worked with security experts on the rampant sale of college .edu emails and passwords belonging to faculty, staff and students at colleges across the country.
  • Raised concerns about the blurring of the lines between mainstream digital platforms and the so-called Dark Web, including the sale of stolen credit cards, drugs and merchandise.
  • Worked with the legal gambling industry on the rise of so-called Internet sweepstakes cafes in states and their efforts to skirt local gambling laws.

We welcome ideas on how to make the Internet a safer place for all citizens.


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