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Digital Citizens Action Alliance

Behind the Cyberlocker Door

NetNames, commissioned by Digital Citizens Alliance, has proven how rogue cyberlocker operators are generating enormous revenues from stolen movies and television shows. Make no mistake about it, this is a multi-million dollar industry built on the stolen works of creators. NetNames found that the 30 leading cyberlockers make a combined $96.2 million dollars a year. Just as troubling is the finding that some of America’s best known and respected credit card companies are making it all too easy for these cyberlockers to make money off of stolen content.

This is the second report commissioned by Digital Citizens Alliance demonstrating that content theft is not a cottage industry.  Previously, in the “Good Money Gone Bad” report Digital Citizens found this activity makes hundreds of millions of dollars for the operators of content theft websites. Key findings from that report include:

  • The largest 596 ad-supported content theft sites reaped nearly a quarter of a billion dollars ($227 million) in ad revenue in 2013.
  • 30% of the most heavily trafficked content theft sites carried premium brand advertising. Those are the blue chip, highly recognizable brands.

To view the “Behind The Cyberlocker Door” report, click here.

To view the "Behind The Cyberlocker Door" infographic, click here.

To view a presentation on the report, click here.

To view the “Good Money Gone Bad” report, click here.