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22 May


Washington, DC- Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following remarks on the protection of U.S. intellectual property. "Ambassadors Blair and Huntsman have done a great ...

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14 May


College students trying to get through final exams are increasingly relying on prescription drugs to help them study – and all too often they get them from someone else or over the Internet ...

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01 May

Focus on Protecting Your Privacy This Week

It’s Choose Privacy Week. What are you doing to protect your social security number, bank accounts, or other personal information from prying eyes? If you need some tips, check out our latest ...

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25 Apr

Review of Copyright Laws Holds Great Potential

Washington, DC - Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following remarks today after leaders of the House Judiciary Committee announced plans to review U.S. Copyright ...

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17 Apr

Charity Scam Update: Boston Marathon Attack

It was only a few weeks ago I wrote in detail about scammers taking advantage of grief over the Newtown shootings. Fake charities appear online immediately after tragedies so I cautioned readers to ...

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04 Apr

Donít Let Tax Season Turn into Scam Season

We are sure you are aware that taxes are due next week. Many Americans are rushing to file their taxes before April 15, and the fear and stress of tax time make many of these taxpayers prime targets ...

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23 Mar

Online Attack Is A Critical Moment for Internet Safety

Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following remarks today about the ongoing attack by Cyberbunker, an hosting firm in the Netherlands that allows any material except ...

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15 Mar

Donít Get Too Crazy During March Madness

Between the buzzer-beating shots and bracket-busting upsets, it is easy to get caught up in NCAA men’s basketball tournament action and dismiss our better judgment. However, I’d suggest ...

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12 Mar

Sleazy Scammers Scam Money Off The Grieving

When we hear about a tragedy, our first instinct is to help. But for some, their first instinct is how they can use this tragedy as a way to scam money off the grieving. A new Digital Citizens ...

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12 Mar

Digital Citizens Issues Statement In Support Of Newtown Cyclists

“We salute the team of 26 cyclists currently riding from Newtown to the U.S. Capitol to raise awareness about the immediate need for gun safety legislation,” said Tom Galvin, executive ...

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12 Mar

Digital Citizens Issues Statement Condemning Scams To Capitalize On Newtown Tragedy

“We’re proud to support the team of cyclists who successfully made their trip from Newtown to DC and applaud their determination in achieving this goal,” said Tom Galvin, executive ...

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04 Mar

Digital Citizens Issues Statement On President Obamaís Cybersecurity Order

“Successful execution of President Obama’s recent cybersecurity executive order requires a collective effort from both the private and public sector,” said Tom Galvin, executive ...

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22 Feb

Digital Citizens Issues Statement On The Re-Launched

“There’s a gray area when it comes to figuring out how to report fraud and cybercrimes. Even in some cases, local law enforcement is not always equipped to handle Web fraudulence,” ...

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19 Feb

Fake Twitter Site:

This is a good one. Compromised Twitter accounts are sending out links to a fake Twitter site which simply displays the Twitter log-in screen. Victims will unknowingly enter their Twitter ID and ...

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14 Feb

Cybercrimes Often Carried Out by Disorganized, Loose Confederation of Contractors

New Report Highlights Successful Ways of Undermining Cybercrime Ecosystems Washington, DC, February 14, 2013 – Most cybercrime is carried out by a loose confederation of independent ...

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